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linkedin basics pack

Turn your personal LinkedIn profile into a marketing funnel, even if you hate creating content and don't want to run ads.

You know relationships are the foundation of a successful business but can't tie that in to online marketing without feeling pushy.

There is so much conflicting advice! From ‘never message anyone’ to 'blast out cold messages till you're blocked' and everything in between. But what really works??

You love your work and want a way of networking with people that leads to new business without compromising your integrity.

You can't go by what you see everyone else doing

And that's because what really gets you leads, happens behind the scenes- the stuff you can't see.


It takes more than posting on social media to get leads. It's takes a proactive, strategic plan lead generation plan that you work consistently. 


When you learn how to find and connect with your ideal clients on LinkedIn and then how to funnel them to a site you own, you have a new lead.


This lead is warm and ready to enter your sales process.


It's the behind the sceens work that moves the pin. 

Authentic strategies that set you apart from the competition- and catch the eye of your ideal clients- are key

A free LinkedIn profile that is used to its full potential is what the modern business owner needs to start writing real business from online marketing. 

Why? Because your ideal clients are there, they're ready to have conversations and they want to be sold to. 

You just need a system in place to set you up for success and a repeatable process ready to go in order to start seeing results.

Limited sessions available

What does a LinkedIn Basics Pack entail?


After a 1:1 call, we will get to work creating your messaging and connection strategy.


We will deliver everything in your own folder so you can take over but first, we will spend 3 months taking care of your connection outreach and messaging strategies.


We will tweak, revise and optimize as need be so by the end of our time together, you have a repeatable lead generation strategy that's been tested just for your business that you feel confident about taking over yourself.


A 1:1 Brand Voice call to discuss your branding, goals, ideal clients and business


Messaging template based on your unique needs


Profile Audit & Makeover- copy for your About and Featured section and headline


Messaging and Connections strategies done for you for 3 months.


Monthly check-in calls to go over progress and to train you (or a team member) for taking over


Monthly mini-report 


Real time training on what works for your business

If we join forces, you’ll be able to

Make your mark

Begin to forge relationships with the people who will impact your business.

have a plan

Know what to say in the DMs to grow your list, build relationships and get leads.

Be the buzz

Draw people to your profile and have it set up as a sales page, not a boring resume, so it works for you 24/7


highly recommend

“Carly is THE expert to go to when it comes to LinkedIn Marketing and Strategy. She has helped me tremendously and you NEED her knowledge to support you with reaching your goals. HIGHLY recommended!”

booked on the spot

“I just wanted to let you know that I called the leads on my email list and I booked three meetings on the spot!”

leads to call

“Thank you thank you thank you! Because of you, even during COVID lockdowns, I have leads to call! Just booked a call with a lady that has 1M from selling her vacation rentals and needs advice!”

Hi, I'm Carly Martin. Chief Connector at Hawthorne House Media. 

I work with service-providers and use digital marketing to build their brands, generate leads and make our 1:1 clients the go-to experts in their markets. LinkedIn is the jaugernaut behind what we do! When it comes to the world's largest networking site, we do things a little differently. We believe in the power of human outreach to build your network and your business.

If you are not looking to bring on a full-tim marketing expert to your business, if you prefer to DIY it or you'd rather hand it off to a team member, the LinkedIn Basics Pack is a great place to start!

You will get all the copy and strategies that you need to turn your LinkedIn connections into clients and guidance to help you implement your plan efficiently and consistently.

Stop sleeping on the potential of the world's largest social network and turn your profile into a marketing machine.